My Projects


Personal projects

RELEASED TO GOOGLE PLAY, WIP - Scalerator - Java, Android, 2018

A very light-weight app for guitar players to get right notes from scales and a metronome


Company projects

RELEASED TO GOOGLE PLAY, WIP - Involta Messenger - Java/Kotlin, Android, 2017-2019

Business task-manager. Organize your collaboration. Delegate tasks, watch the progress and see what’s important.

My part:

  • Rewriting the whole app from no architecture to MVP
  • Component responsible for all data management (single source of truth, like MVVM but without LiveData)
  • Optimization of legacy code
  • API migrations

RELEASED TO GOOGLE PLAY, no longer participating in support - Metro - Java, Android, 2018

App to navigate in the metro of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan

My part:

  • Database design
  • Metro map component
  • Station dialog
  • Smooth transitions on the map
  • Viewpager for smooth transition of the paths

RELEASED TO GOOGLE PLAY, no longer participating in support - School Diary - Java, Android, 2017-2018

App to help pupils monitor their performance, lessons, homework with a high level of customization

My part:

  • Main schedule screen
  • Widget
  • Theming
  • Settings



RELEASED, FINAL - Student Helper - Java, JavaFX, 2017

Скачать / Download

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Приложение-помощник для студентов ИГЭУ по методичке Алыковой.

Чтобы получить помощь, нажмите внутри программы “Помощь”.

It’s the app to help the students of ISPU with programming course.

RELEASED, FINAL - Course Work - Java, Android, 2017

My Course Work after the first year of Software Engineering. I was asked to do a simple app in C but I decided to go for something harder.

It’s a simple Android Application which essentially is just a word scramble. It supports 2 vocabularies, both of them are in /raw folders. I designed UI for 10.1″ tablet ONLY.

It’s plain and simple but I highly recommend to check out other ways to deal with certain situations because I am not sure those were the best ones in my work.

Last Update: 15-Jul-17

GitHub Link

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

RELEASED, FINAL- Bot Rewinder - Java, VK API, Yandex API, 2017-2018

VK Bot (course assignment)

GitHub Link